Behold the handmaid!

Your will not mine is this handmaid’s song,

No higher calling, no greater honor than to be wholly deposed to you.

A life surrendered, heart given, spirit yielded, mind overtaken

A destiny overshadowed by you, a body subjected to you,

The refrain in this handmaid’s song; posses me O Lord for in your reins I am free.

Totally, fully, unreservedly, unashamedly yours,

This life belongs to you, let it be a reflection of who you are

This heart; let it resonate to the sound of your own heartbeat

These hands; let them build with you,

These feet; let them walk down your just paths

These lips; let them sing forth the praises of you that calls me by name

This womb; let it birth the fruit of your incorruptible seed

Let the totality of who I am converge to produce you.

Be it  unto me according to your Word, is the echo of this song

Affirming that you take the lead; I follow, gladly so

Lord my heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty

Neither do I concern myself with great matters,

Nor with things too profound me

Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul

Like a weaned child with his mother

Like a weaned child is my soul within me

Behold the handmaid of the Lord!

PS; A story of surrender-Jon Jorgenson, he gets it! This is a piece of  worded art, pulsed with LIFE!




There’s pain in surrender to God, to truth. It normally feels like I am being stripped of my sense of entitlement, my rights to think, to say, to do as I want. But who said what I want is always what I need? I have discovered the more I say NO to me and YES to Him, I find rest for my soul. I grow up in Him. Maturity.


Surrender is like a free fall from the sky, without a parachute. The pull of gravity triggers uncertainty and enough dose of adrenaline rush. It leaves you feeling you have no control. The pull is stronger than anything else. I have seen that surrendering to God may feel the same way-like I am losing control because He doesn’t always give the answers but promises that it shall be well. I want the answers in black and white, I want to know the end but He says ‘be still and know that I am God’. And when I quieten my soul within me, I experience peace. It becomes a pleasure to let go and let God, trusting His arms to hold me up. The free fall is worth it.


There’s freedom in surrender. This is the power of giving in to the call, the demand, the standard of father God. Freedom from fear; that of the unknown, of failure and of death. When the buck stops with Him and not me, I cease trying to ‘contain’ things. I let Him order my steps and for sure though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. I am free. The good shepherd is in charge. In Him all things hold together.

“I see you on the hills God, I want to be there too. Help me say yes to you.”

Lauren Holmes-Victorious in Love

Shepherd of my soul

It’s two a.m, fourteen minutes to be precise. Am seated at the desk, insomniac. Well, I’ve spent the better part of the day in sleep, half-awake, half in pain; my joints screaming, my muscles sore and my stomach in knots. Yet I am here, after downing two small glasses of water to wash off the unpleasant taste of three intimidating blue pills that I had to split in half and swallow six times. I look into the box containing more pills, pick out the leaflet inside and read it curiously. In about an hour, maximum blood concentration will be attained. I will be fully combating the microbes right? My background in medicine does little to help. I need to feel better, I must feel better. I will feel better.

Right in the midst of all these, my heart sounds a song-am just grateful, sincerely so, to God. I mean, He is and has always been the constant one. No pain, no illness, no calamity can change who He is. I love Him, I call Him Abba. He is my father, He has shed His love abroad in my heart and I can’t help but love Him back albeit in the smallest of ways. From my days of infancy to such days of great awareness of destiny, He has been there; being, showing, leading, caring, uplifting, inspiring. And indeed, I am who I am today by His grace.

Often, we get caught up  in what life brings our way and fail to enjoy the thrill of seeing Him by our side through every wave of pain, disappointment and suffering whether the wave is spiritual, emotional or physical. He is always there. His banner over us is love. He does not deny Himself, He never fails and He never lies. Our circumstances notwithstanding, He changes not. He is God.

Lost in the cover of His leading hand, consumed in the fullness of His embrace, soaked in the consuming passion of His presence-that is where I want to be found. He is the shepherd of my soul. Amanda Cook says it well and stamps the reality going on in my heart with her song…

“In the process, in the waiting, you’re making melodies over me.

And your presence is the promise for I am a pilgrim on a journey.

You make my footsteps and my path secure, so walking on water is just the beginning.

Cause my faith to arise, stand at attention, for you are calling me to greater things.

You will lift my head above the mighty waves,

You are able to keep me from stumbling,

And in my weakness, you are the strength that comes from within,

Good shepherd of my soul. Take my hand and lead me on.”