There are grander things

Be still my soul…there are grander things. Don’t get caught up in the pettiness. This is the monologue am having with myself. Today, it’s the words in the song that gets me. Jenn Johnson nails it. This one ministers to me deeply, especially today. I’ll leave it at her words.

The rising crescendo of the chords at the beginning and towards the end is captivating! Minutes 2.30-2.40 and 3.31 to 4.34, are my favorite.

I get caught up in all these petty things

Losing sight of what matters to you.

But then you come and take me by the hand

You say, ‘come up here with me’


And then my feet came off the ground

You lifted me above the clouds

As I look down the whole world seems so small

Past the stars through space and time

and I forget what’s left behind

as I’m surrounded by these grander things

up here in perfect harmony

You’re orchestrating galaxies

They’re lighting up as far as I can see

The majesty, the mystery


Your gravity pulls me close to you

and I can breathe again

Here with you, there’s nothing more to say

and it’s clear what matters to you,


Sovereign high above it all

sovereign, you are

and I can rest ’cause it’s all in your hands

sovereign you are



“I don’t want to walk around drinking from broken cisterns,

I don’t want to walk around settling for lesser pleasures,

when you satisfy, you satisfy…”

“You know¬† I love you, you know I do,

but let me love you more, this is all that I desire,

let me love you more, this is all that I require

let me love you more, this is my deepest heart’s desire,

won’t you let me love you more, still more..”

(Jay Thomas)


“You satisfy my soul, you satisfy my soul, you satisfy my soul with your love.”

(Laura Hackett Park- you satisfy my soul)

The theme in my heart today; satisfaction, and these two beautiful songs did me justice in capturing the sentiments roaring inside me. Earlier on today, just musing over the events of the day and the last couple of days, I couldn’t help agree that I am limited and so is everybody else who happens to be human. We are limited in so many ways and only the connection to a higher being with unlimited capacity is the solution we need.

Isn’t it strange; we have money, we claim purchasing power, but still feel empty? We are surrounded by people, we have company, but still feel alone or lonely? We achieve the greatest career milestones but we still yearn for more?

Clearly, we were made to find satisfaction-fulfillment and rest in the one who made us and not in the things He gives us. These things will never ever be enough. We are most satisfied in life when our hearts beat to the sound of Him. We need God, His capacity, power, insight to endure and enjoy the unfolding journey of life.

I know I need God so bad, religion cannot help me. I don’t need rules and rituals, I need the person of God Himself. He is love, He is wisdom, He is power, He is vision, He is hope, He is strength. When I have Him, I have all I need. When I have Him, I have satisfaction in its truest form. I pursue Him, I thirst for Him, everything else just won’t do.

“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters and hewn themselves cisterns-broken cisterns that can hold no water” Jeremiah 2:13

“My soul waits silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him” Psalms 62:5