He reigns over, I rule under

We were wired for dominion, coded to rule and subdue. We are called to be masters of life, great weavers of the tapestry that forms destiny. Simply put, we are fashioned to rule not as paupers who stumbled upon a throne but as kings rightfully crowned to reign.It is in our place to commandeer life towards the direction we think it should take.

I am a firm believer of steering the ship of my destiny, of taking charge of where I want to be and how I need it to be. At the back of my mind rings my father’s rhetoric said over and over, time and again, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. So I grew up knowing when I stand for something, I will not relent. I made it exciting for myself and said, I can always get WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT it and HOW I WANT it.

A few bends and turns along the journey, I have gained a higher truth. Is it true that we were designed to be in charge? Yes, but this is delegated authority. It means we rule because we are ruled. We take up position because we are under position. We order because we are under order. Plainly speaking, we were not made to be autonomous. I have observed how in an almost default manner we always want to seize control especially of our own personal lives. We have preferences and opinions and sometimes we insist on having things go our way.

The reality is, when it comes to life there is one who stands as owner. He is the possessor of heaven and earth, the source of the breath within me. He made me to rule but He reigns over me and that which I oversee. It beats logic then to think I will always have my way. I am not my own.

Experience has taught me that the order is this; It is not about always getting WHAT I WANT, but about doing it with Him. It is not about getting there WHEN I WANT to but about trusting His timing. It is not about HOW I WANT it done but about moving at His pace.

I am a ruler under authority. He reigns over my life, I administrate on His behalf. I will not build my kingdom alone, just to watch it fall away. There is no me without Him.