Give me eyes

Give me eyes to see the way that you see, give me eyes

It’s your lens I need, my own keeps getting caught in linear dimension

I want to see, I want your ultra dimension sight, that which sees into and sees through

because I know you as the source of the many-sided wisdom; multi-faceted, unmatched, it sees the whole picture.


Give me eyes to see the far that you see, give me eyes

Let your deep call unto my deep, let all your waves and billows go over me

Your riches are unsearchable, your counsel past finding out

Why would I feed on the crust when I can have the whole cake?

Give me the depth of sight, let me see beyond the surface


Give me eyes to see the much that you see, give me eyes

You affirm that ‘in this earthen vessels, lies treasure’, you see gold out of rubble in people

Maybe its your film I need, to create images like you do.

You do not see as man sees, you see the heart

I need your field of vision.


These are the eyes that see life differently;

They saw in dead Lazarus, a man quickened to breathe again. Eyes that see life in death

They envisioned a gold coin in a fish’s mouth out at sea. Eyes that see divine provision in the most unlikely of places.

They saw the children and said ‘let them come to me’. Eyes that see and understand the power of seed.

These eyes saw the cross as a symbol of love, not pain

They saw into the Father’s heart and chose to drink from the cup of suffering, enduring the cross, despising the shame

They saw Gethsemane as the gateway to the redemption of man, not a battleground of sorrow.

These eyes saw life differently.


Give me eyes and I will be a better me

Give me eyes and I will make the world a better place

Give me your eyes I pray!