There are grander things

Be still my soul…there are grander things. Don’t get caught up in the pettiness. This is the monologue am having with myself. Today, it’s the words in the song that gets me. Jenn Johnson nails it. This one ministers to me deeply, especially today. I’ll leave it at her words.

The rising crescendo of the chords at the beginning and towards the end is captivating! Minutes 2.30-2.40 and 3.31 to 4.34, are my favorite.

I get caught up in all these petty things

Losing sight of what matters to you.

But then you come and take me by the hand

You say, ‘come up here with me’


And then my feet came off the ground

You lifted me above the clouds

As I look down the whole world seems so small

Past the stars through space and time

and I forget what’s left behind

as I’m surrounded by these grander things

up here in perfect harmony

You’re orchestrating galaxies

They’re lighting up as far as I can see

The majesty, the mystery


Your gravity pulls me close to you

and I can breathe again

Here with you, there’s nothing more to say

and it’s clear what matters to you,


Sovereign high above it all

sovereign, you are

and I can rest ’cause it’s all in your hands

sovereign you are


Author: itsthesonginthewords

I love words, I love music and I would love to share with you the inspiration I draw from them!

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